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mountain sandstone

It starts with our interest in sandstone leftover from Buddha statue carving. We question how the value and faith of the material changes together with its form. We collect these leftover pieces of Isan sandstone and give them new value as home decoration products while at the same time developing the skills of local craftsmen. From that results this collection which derives its shape from a mountain in the Sikhio area.


​Sandstone carving is a local occupation of villagers in Sikhio, Nakhon Ratchasima province. It is executed with only 2-3 simple tools and thus requires a very high skill level. Stone carving is an ancient art in the district but there is currently a lack of skilled workers. We hope that by providing them with more work, more people will turn towards stone carving and help to keep this tradition and knowledge alive.  

How to use:

  • A few drops of essential oil (2-3 ml.)

  • They take an hour to be completely absorbed and the fragrance lasts around 8 hours. 

  • The scent will spread better if placed within the natural air flow.

  • Can be used with any perfume type.



  • 4 colours; white, yellow, pink and green, each offering different patterns and rhythms. 

  • Size  W8cm x L8cm x H8cm

  • Total weight: 500g


Price 890.- Baht

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