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Our Story

NUAYNARD was founded in 2014 in Sub Sri Chan, a small village in ISAN, the northeast of Thailand. We started out as a design studio for skincare products, which are handmade using only natural local resources, including fresh rain and spring water. The use of sustainable resources is our small contribution to help the environment.  


We work together with the people from our village. Over the past five years these collaborations have deepened our appreciation of local materials and the skill of local craftsmen. The knowledge we have gained has allowed us to branch out into lifestyle products, which are designed with the same goal in mind: giving value to ISAN products and the people making them. 



Everything we make is part of our way of life.

We use local, sustainable resources to create skincare and lifestyle products.


We believe in working in good harmony within our community and taking care of the environment that surrounds us.

Natrural Water + ISAN local natural resources
{ skincare + lifestyle }


Palm oil free – to decrease forests destruction. 

SLS, SLES, Paraben Free. 


Pure natural oil, Virgin moringa seed oil, Virgin black sesame oil, 

Virgin rice bran & germ oil and Extra virgin coconut oil.

Handcrafted in Sub Sri Chan

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